The Meaning of Fatherhood

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David Neuman // July 2, 2022
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On Wednesday, June 29th, 2022, my fiancee and I welcomed our newborn son into the world. Words cannot describe what an incredible experience it has been so far. So instead, I’ll share what I wrote the week prior as a writing exercise for new parents. Together, we answered the question: what does fathering/mothering mean to you?

Fathering is about living by example.

It means setting a precedence for your children.

It means sharing your passions with your kids, but guiding them to follow their own.

It means protecting and nurturing your children, but letting them grow and flourish on their own.

A father is what his partner and children need him to be.

He is loyal.

He is caring.

He is slow to anger, yet quick to forgive.

He is reliable.

He is fun.

He is hardworking, but also laid back.

Fathering means so many things, and the definition may change over time.

But a father always loves his family above all.